Cable Cover - Select and Install

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Selection of Appropriate CABLE COVER
The correct cable cover for your particular requirement can be selected very simply by ascertaining the outer dimensions of the cable(s) to be covered and then matching the profile with the most appropriate bore size(s). Should you require any further advice or guidance please contact us.

Other colours or lengths can be produced to order.


Installation of Osmor CABLE COVERS
Fitting cable covers could not be easier. Simply unroll, cut to the desired length, insert cables or leads to be covered and then lay the cover on the floor in the position required.

If your cables already have fittings attached then the base of the cable cover can be slit with a sharp knife. (You must ensure there are no cables within the cable cover before slitting the base.)

We recommend the use of double sided adhesive tape when installing cable covers on interior floors and coverings.


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