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Electrically resistant Switchboard Matting is manufactured from a high quality rubber compound to the most exacting standards. It is an essential safety product designed to protect life where there is exposure to live conductors.
The Factories Acts require the provision of permanent insulation to prevent danger from shock to persons employed in the generation, transformation, distribution or use of electrical energy. Switchboard Matting is the recommended safety floor covering at switch-boards, sub-stations, transformers, generators and electrical work benches. In temporary applications portable mats should be used.
Service Information
The normal grade is suitable for most applications but special compounds are available for oil and acid resistance. If joins are unavoidable when laying Switchboard Matting the pieces should butt together with no gaps between.

Mats shall have a minimum width of 900mm to accord to the Regulations concerning the minimum width of a working platform or passageway associated with a switchboard on which there are exposed live conductors (for voltages up to 650). Where the Regulations do not apply the same width is recommended.

It is stressed that the rubber mats should not afford the sole means of protection for those working on electrical circuits and wherever possible further adequate precautions should be taken against the risk of shock and short-circuit. In this connection attention is drawn to the Electricity (Factories Act) Special Regulations 1908 and 1944.

Product Specification
  • Colour: Black
  • Top Surface: Fine flutes along length
  • Under Surface: Non-slip, cloth impression finish.
  • Width: 915mm
  • Length: Cut to length, Min 1 metre, max 11.5 metres.
Thickness (Available in two thicknesses):
Thickness 9mm 6mm
Tested to: 15,000 volts 11,000 volts
Max. working voltage V r.m.s. 650 450

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